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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Vegetarian Atkins

It is perfectly possible to "do Atkins" if you are a vegetarian. Many items in the Avidlite shop are vegetarian.


There are lots of choices: Ultra Energy shakes - perfect very low carb (4g per meal), high protein and very high nutrient (impressive mix specially designed for Atkins dieters). Quick to do if you are in a hurry, and pleasant if you dont like something savoury first thing in the morning. Keep you going to lunchtime. If you are allergic to soya, try the Spiru-tein Whey, in three flavours. All in Shakes section at left.

Eggs: boiled, poached, scrambled, fried, coddled, baked . . .. Could serve with sausages made from tofu. Suitable from the very start.

Low carb breakfast cereal - suitable Phase 2 onwards. Best served with unsweetened soya milk, possibly a little double cream. Met-Rx bars.


Selection of cheeses, served with lettuce, cucumber, half an avocado - all allowed from the start, Phase 1. Other salad items can be added, following the lists on the Atkins website. Or eggs, if you didnt have them for Breakfast, for example Egg Mayonnaise. You could make your own mayonnaise from eggs, lemon juice or vinegar and seasoning, or buy one that doesnt contain added sugar (totally unnecessary).

In a hurry or on the move, how about a Pure Protein/Met-Rx high protein, low carb, high nutrient bar.

Dessert: possibilities include a chocolate bar, wafer, biscuit, iced dessert or similar - all sugar free, available here in our shop.

More Vegetarian Atkins


There are many recipes around for vegetarian dishes. Just omit potatoes, bread, pasta and rice from your serving, apart from low carb versions (bread, pasta and mash available in online shop), unless you are in the final maintenance phase where whole grain bread, brown pasta and brown rice and the occasional potato can be eaten in moderation.

Beans and pulses can be used in the later phases. A good recipe I make is lentil gratin - make like thick lentil soup (lentils, vegetables (preferably not root), seasoning), when soup is cooked add beaten eggs and grated cheese, spread in baking dish, sprinkle with more cheese and bake in oven.

For dessert you could make a pudding using a shake mixed with less water plus added thick cream, or one of our many dessert mixes, or have berry fruits and cream, or cheese and low carb crackers or low carb toast.


There is a wide choice of low carb snacks in this Avidlite shop - low carb, high protein snack bars with added nutrients, nuts, seeds (very nutritious), a wide range of sugar free Belgian chocolate, sugar free sweets, biscuits, cakes, and wafers.

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