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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Beginning Atkins

At long last, in 2007 scientists proved what we already knew, that Atkins is the most effective weight loss diet! Christopher Gardner, professor of medicine at Stanford University's disease prevention research centre in California, led the study in which a number of types of diet were followed by a group of 311 overweight people for a year. At the end of the year it was found that the people on the Atkins diet lost twice as much weight, achieved larger reductions in body mass index, triglycerides and blood pressure, showing improved health.

It is very important if planning to "do Atkins" that you are well informed, understand the principles of the regime, and follow it correctly. The information that you read should be from an Atkins source, not from press reports or well-meaning friends. The Atkins website contains masses of material and is totally free of charge. Alternatively you can read one or more of the Atkins books.

Having read up on Atkins, you now know that the diet is low carb and high protein and moderate fat. It is also low glycemic. DO NOT think that you can mix and match diets, having an Atkins fry-up for breakfast , a Slimfast type low calorie, low fat, high carb lunch and a Weightwatchers type low calorie, low fat, high carb evening meal! This will be disastrous for your health and for your weight loss. With Atkins, you can eat fatty products like bacon and double cream because you are burning fat as your main source of energy. With low calorie diets, you are burning sugar for energy, making high or moderate fat consumption undesirable; it will not be burnt for energy, will increase or not lower your bad cholesterol levels, and will be deposited as fat on your body. You must stick to Atkins correctly or not do it at all. As you progress through the phases and increase the carbohydrates, I would recommend that you decrease your fat, particularly saturated fat, consumption as you increase the carbohydrates, as you will be burning less fat for energy.

You will also now know that you must replenish the missing nutrients from not eating fruit or drinking fruit juice, particularly in the early weeks when no fruit is allowed. The money you are saving on not buying fruit and fruit juice can pay for the vitamin and mineral supplements. A number of these are available in this Avidlite shop, including some especially designed for low carb dieters (eg the Ultra One Daily Iron-free VCaps). Some of the food products in the shop contain these added nutrients (for instance the Ultra Energy Shakes), so you can economise on the supplements by only taking a tablet when the meal doesnt contain such nutrients.

Atkins is not carb free. It is both impossible and undesirable to have no carbohydrates. Vegetables and salad contain carbohydrates, and should be eaten from the start, but avoiding root vegetables (refer to Atkins list). The 20g of carbs that you are allowed on Induction should mainly come from eating vegetables and salad. Half an avocado is allowed. These foods are very important for their valuable nutrients, enzymes and fibre.

If you become constipated, follow the Atkins advice, which is to have psyllium husks, and drink plenty of water. The Nature's Plus products, with their digestive enzymes, also help naturally with constipation.

The Atkins diet can be followed without buying any of the products in the Avidlite shop, but you may have problems sticking to it because you are missing your bars of chocolate, sweets, savoury snacks, bread, cakes, cookies etc and bored with the limited options in your local supermarket.

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