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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Whole-grain Low Carb Bread Mix, 453g bag

Whole-grain Low Carb Bread Mix, 453g bag

Ref: ALB065

In stock

Bob's Red Mill Whole Grain Low-Carb Bread Mix. 5g net carbs per slice. Package makes one loaf. For machines or by hand (instructions given for both). Suitable for low carb dieters, diabetics, other low glycemic dieters and other healthy eaters. Kosher certified (K).

INGREDIENTS (all natural): Vital wheat gluten, Whole grain oat flour, Oat bran, Oat fibre, Flaxseed meal, Whole rye flour, Wheat bran, Whole soy flour, Active dry yeast, Turbinado sugar, Sea salt and Crystalline fructose.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per slice (21g dry mix), package contains 21 servings, based on mix: 90 calories (kCal), Fat 1.5g of which saturated fat zero, trans fats zero, Cholesterol zero, Sodium 92mg, Carbohydrates 9g of which dietary fibre 4g, sugars zero, giving net carbs of 5g, Protein 11g. Contains iron.

ALLERGENS: Manufactured in a facility that also uses tree nuts, soy, wheat, eggs and milk.

Price: 5.95

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