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Toufayan Low Carb Pita bread 340g (6 loaves)

Toufayan Low Carb Pita bread 340g (6 loaves)

Ref: ALR028

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Toufayan Bakeries hearth baked low carb pita bread, 340g (6 loaves). Only 7g net carbs per serving/loaf. Very versatile; can split and fill with meats, salads or cheese. Low fat and no trans fats. Kosher certified (U pareve). Can be frozen on receipt, or will keep in a dry place for at least 2-3 weeks.

INGREDIENTS: Water, wheat gluten, stone ground whole wheat flour, corn starch, oat fibre, calcium sulphate, isolated soy protein, soy flour, yeast, soy oil, sesame flour, salt, sodium acid pyrophosphate, contains 2% or less of sodium bicarbonate, calcium proprionate, potassium sorbate, fumaric acid, sucralose, sodium metobisulphate.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per serving (packet contains 6 servings): 130 calories, Fat 2.5g of which saturated fat zero and trans fats zero, Cholesterol zero, Sodium 580mg, Carbohydrate 16g of which dietary fibre 9g, sugars zero, Protein 11g. Contain Calcium and iron.

Can be frozen. To enhance flavour warm in oven or microwave before using.

Price: 3.95

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