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Thick-It-Up Low Carb Thickener 170g bag

Thick-It-Up Low Carb Thickener 170g bag

Ref: ALB106

In stock

Dixie Carb Counters Thick-It-Up low carb thickener, 170g bag. For thickening soups, gravies, sauce and fruit fillings. All natural ingredients. Zero carbs per half teaspoon (1.7g) serving - half a teaspoon thickens a cup of liquid. Fat free, cholesterol free, low calorie, sugar free.

INGREDIENTS: Locust bean (and/or tara), Guar, acacia and xanthan gums.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per half teaspoon/1.7g serving (100 servings per pack) : 6 kCal (calories), Carbohydrates zero, Protein zero, Fat zero, Cholesterol zero, Dietary fibre 1g.

ALLERGENS: Made in a factory that processes soy, eggs, milk and peanuts.

Price: 13.65

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