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SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Peanut Butter Cups Box

SlimFast Keto Fat Bomb Peanut Butter Cups Box

Ref: ALK448

In stock

Slimfast Keto Fat Bomb Peanut Butter Cups, box of 14, 17g each, snack. Free from gluten, artificial sweeteners, artificial flavours and colours. Sugar free. 1g net carbs per cup (total carbs minus polyols and dietary fibre. Contain coconut oil mct's. Kosher certified. Suitable for ketogenic dieters and others. Made in the USA.

INGREDIENTS: Milk chocolate coating (chocolate, erythritol, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, inulin (natural vegetable fibre), non-fat dry milk, soy lecithin, natural vanilla extract, salt, stevia leaf extract), Mct oil blend (palm, palm kernel, coconut), Peanut butter (peanuts), Erythritol, Milk protein isolate, Peanut flour, Peanut oil, Stevia leaf extract, Salt.

ALLERGENS: Contains milk, peanuts, soy and coconut. Made in a facility that processes wheat and tree nuts.

NUTRITION INFORMATION: per 17g cup: 90 kCal, Fat 9g of which saturates 7g, Carbohydrate 6g of which sugars 0g, polyols (erythritol) 2g, dietary fibre 3g, Protein 1g, Salt 0.03g.

INSTRUCTIONS: Ready to eat.

Price: 15.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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