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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Skinny Not Guilty Strawberry Jam 260g jar

Skinny Not Guilty Strawberry Jam 260g jar

Ref: ALP235

In stock

The Skinny Food Co Not Guilty Low Sugar Strawberry Jam, 260g jar. Low carb, no added sugar, low naturally occurring sugars (a trace per serving), gluten-free, fat free, low calorie. Net carbs unknown, but will be less than total carbs of 4.9g as contains polyol sweetener which should be subtracted. Suitable for dieters, diabetics, vegetarians and vegans. Non GMO, zero palm oil, Sugar-Wise. Use on toast, pastries, porridge and baking.

INGREDIENTS: Strawberries (65%), Sweeteners: erythritol, Sucralose, steviol glucosides, neotame), Inulin, Thickening agent: pectin, Acidity regulator: citric acid.


NUTRITION INFORMATION per 20g serving: 7 kCal, Fat 0g of which saturates 0g, Carbohydrate 4.9g of which sugars less than 0.8g, Fibre 2g, Protein 0.1g, Salt 0g.

Excessive consumption may product laxative effects (erythritol is a polyol).

Price: 3.99

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