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Meridian Mince Pie Filling, 320g jar CLEARANCE Best Before 31 August 2019

Meridian Mince Pie Filling, 320g jar CLEARANCE Best Before 31 August 2019

Ref: ALB051

In stock

Meridian Organic Mince Pie Filling, 320g jar. FREE FROM gluten, wheat and dairy. Similar to mincemeat. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. CLEARANCE OFFER: best before 31 August 2019 (not sell by/use by) . Previously 3.49. Does not go off. Seals intact. Now only 75p.

Meridian Mince Pie filling is a deliciously rich high fruit recipe, sweetened with a blend of apple and molasses to give a product that is 80% fruit and which contains no suet or other animal products. Use it in mince pies or slices, for stuffing baked apples or as a seasonal topping for ice cream. Though obviously not low in sugar because of the dried fruit, fruit juice and molasses, it is much lower sugar than other mince pie fillings, and with no refined sugar.

INGREDIENTS: Organic apple juice concentrate, Organic sultanas, Organic apple, Organic raisins, Organic Molasses, Organic orange, Organic sunflower oil, Maize starch, Organic mixed spice (cinnamon, coriander, nutmeg, allspice, cloves, ginger, cardomom), Organic lemon juice concentrate, Citric acid.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g (320g in jar): 264 kCal, Fat 2.7g of which saturates 0.3g, Carbohydrates 56.2g of which sugars 52g, Fibre 2.8g, Protein 1.6g, Salt 0.1g.

ALLERGENS: Made in a factory that uses nut ingredients. May contain traces of peanuts, other nuts and sesame.

Obviously too high carb for anybody following a low carb diet, but suitable for diabetics (not following a low carb diet) in moderation.

Price: 0.75

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