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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Low Carb Granola, 240g bags

Low Carb Granola, 240g bags

Ref: ALL032Z

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Dixie "Sweet Commute" carb controlled Granola, in Apple Berry or Maple Oat. 4g net carbs per serving. No polyols, no added sugar, low salt, wheat free, low calorie, high fibre, all natural. Great for low carb dieters (Atkins), low glycemic dieters, diabetics and others.

INGREDIENTS (based on Apple Berry flavour): Non-GMO whole soy concentrate, Oligosaccharides, Organic oats, Maltodextrin, Water, Coconut oil, Dried cranberries, Dried blueberries, Palm oil, Apple puree concentrate, Corn starch, Natural flavour, Soy lecithin, Malic acid, Low glycemic fruit concentrate.

Oligosaccharides is a natural substance which promotes the growth of beneficial probiotic intestinal microflora. It has a natural sweetness, so no other sweetener is required.

NUTRITION INFORMATION based on a serving size of a third of a cup (30g); bag contains 8 servings: Calories 84 (kCal), Fat 2g of which saturates 1g, trans fat 1g, Cholesterol zero, Sodium 130mg, Potassium 89mg, Carbohydrates 15g of which dietary fibre 11g, sugars 1g, giving net carbs of 4g, Protein 9g. Contains some Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

No polyols means no polytrots!

Total Price: 7.95


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