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FattBar Coconut and Macadamia 30g

FattBar Coconut and Macadamia 30g

Ref: ALK477

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FattBar Coconut and Macadamia, 30g bar. Keto, with healthy fats and prebiotic fibre. Sweetened with chicory extract. Low carb - 3.3g per bar. No added sugar. High fibre.

INGREDIENTS: Chicory extract (33%), Desiccated coconut (26%), Macadamia nuts (16%), Almonds (13%), Water, Sunflower seeds (4%), Inulin (1%), Almond oil.

ALLERGENS: Contains nuts. Made in a factory that handles other nuts, sesame seeds, milk, soya, and cereals containing gluten.

NUTRITION INFORMATION: per 30g bar: 146 kCal, Fat 11g of which saturates 5.2g, Carbohydrate 3.3g of which sugars 1.6g, Fibre 11g, Protein 2g, Salt 0.02g.


Price: 1.95

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