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CiaoCarb ProtoToast Box of 4 Packets

CiaoCarb ProtoToast Box of 4 Packets

Ref: ALK323Z

In stock

CiaoCarb ProtoToast, Box of 4 pkts of 5 slices per packet, total of 20 slices, in Plain or Cocoa. Top quality Italian baking. High protein, low carb, reduced calorie, high fibre, no added sugars, very low naturally occurring sugars (trace). About 1g of carbs per serving of 2 slices. Great for low carbers (Atkins), low glycemic dieters, diabetics and anybody loving Italian baked goods. WARNING: though we pack these extremely well, there is a possibility that they can break in transit between us and you - we can do nothing more to prevent this; they are fragile.

INGREDIENTS based on plain (cocoa flavour includes cocoa powder, almonds and hazelnuts): Wheat gluten, Isolated soy protein, Egg white, Wheat fibre, Acacia fibre, Extra virgin olive oil, Yeast, Salt, Emulsifier soy lecithin.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 50g packet of 5 x 10g slices: 177 kCal, Fat 5g of which saturates 2g, Carbohydrates 4g of which sugars 0.40g (sugar free), Fibre 14g, Protein 22g, Salt 0.68g.

ALLERGENS: Gluten (wheat), soy, egg. Cocoa flavour contains almonds and hazelnuts.

Great buttered or spread with Philadelphia. Can serve with wide variety of foods eg with cheeses, salad, soup, spread with sugar free jam etc. Choice of plain or cocoa (chocolate). The cocoa/chocolate flavour may seem odd but they are surprisingly pleasant to eat - have a try!

Total Price: 6.95


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