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CiaoCarb Low Carb Panettone 90g

CiaoCarb Low Carb Panettone 90g

Ref: ALK390

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Ciaocarb Panettone 90g loaf for 2 x 45g servings. High protein, high fibre, low carbohydrate (4g per serving), low naturally occurring sugars (0.45g per serving), no added sugar, reduced calorie snack.

INGREDIENTS: Wheat (gluten), isolated soy protein, egg white, whey protein (milk), wheat fibre (gluten), butter (milk), raisin (2%), yeast, salt, sweetener: sodium cyclamate.

ALLERGENS: Contains gluten, soy, egg and milk.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g product : 372 kCal (calories), 1556 kJoules, Fat 22.0g of which saturates 7.0g, Carbohydrates 8.0g of which sugars 1.0g, Fibre 25.0g, Protein 23.0g, Salt 1.15g.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 45g serving : 167 kCal (calories), 699 kJoules, Fat 9.9g of which saturates 3.15g, Carbohydrates 4.0g of which sugars 0.45g, Fibre 11.25g, Protein 10.35g, Salt 0.52g.

INSTRUCTIONS: Ready to eat.

Price: 2.95

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