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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Cavalier Fairtrade Belgian Choc Bars with Stevia 85g

Cavalier Fairtrade Belgian Choc Bars with Stevia 85g

Ref: ALC140Z

In stock

Cavalier no-added-sugar Fairtrade Belgian Chocolate Bars with Stevia, 85g, in choice of flavours. High fibre. Reduced calorie. Net carbs vary with flavour; milk chocolate is about 20g per bar, dark chocolate with berries 9.6g per bar. Suitable for diabetics and dieters in moderation.

INGREDIENTS based on milk chocolate, others similar: Cocoa butter, Full milk powder, Alimentary fibre (dextrin, inulin, oligofructose), Cocoa mass, Whey powder, Sweeteners (erythritol, steviol glycosides), Emulsifer: soy lecithin, Natural flavourings.

ALLERGENS: produced in a plant processing milk protein, wheat and nuts. Contains naturally occuring sugars.

Cocoa solids in milk flavour minimum 36%, dark flavour minimum 55%, white minimum 44% and hazelnut 36%, 80% minimum dark berries.

NUTRITION INFORMATION: per 100g (bar is 85g): 484 kCal (calories), Fat 36.2g of which saturates 22.9g, Carbohydrates 33.7g of which sugars 20.9g, polyols 9.5g, Fibre 17g, Protein 7.9g, Salt 0.6g.

Total Price: 2.80 (Including VAT at 20%)


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