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CarboPhobia White Burger Buns 2 x 80g

CarboPhobia White Burger Buns 2 x 80g

Ref: ALR163

In stock

CarboPhobia White Buns, suitable for burgers and other sandwiches, 2 x 80g. Ready to eat. Low carb (6.24g per serving of one 80g bun), high protein (20.56g per serving), high fibre, no added sugar, low in naturally occurring sugars (0.72g per serving). Packaged in protective atmosphere. Made in Spain.

INGREDIENTS: Mix of cereal proteins (wheat, rice, corn and sorghum), Wheat fibre, Pea protein, Wheat flour, Sunflower oil, Extra virgin olive oil, Yeast, Salt, Vinegar, Preservative (E200, E282).

ALLERGENS: Wheat, Gluten. May contains traces of soy and sesame.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per serving of one 80g bun: 257 kCal, Fat 11.92g of which saturates 4.88g, Carbohydrates 6.24g of which sugars 0.72g, Fibre 19.68g, Protein 20.56g, Salt 1.13g.

Split one bun in half by slicing horizontally and add filling of choice.

Price: 2.85

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