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CarboPhobia Bread Mix, 330g

CarboPhobia Bread Mix, 330g

Ref: ALB037

In stock

CarboPhobia Original Bread Mix, 330g tub. Only 2g effective carbs per slice.

Delicious, light seeded bread for machine or hand baking. Approx 15 slices. Instructions given for both machine and hand baking. Just add water!

INGREDIENTS: wheat gluten, soya flour, almond flour, linseeds, fibre, yeast, sugar (consumed by yeast), salt.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g dry mix: Protein 47.5g, Fat 19.2g, Carbs 11g, Energy 410 kcal. Available carbs (net carbs) per loaf 37g.

ALLERGENS: Contains nuts, seeds and gluten. Free from wheat, dairy, eggs, preservatives.

Price: 3.99

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