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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Avidlite Ready to Drink Shakes, Pack of 3

Avidlite Ready to Drink Shakes, Pack of 3

Ref: ALH062Z

In stock

Avidlite Dietimeal Ready-to-drink High Protein drinks, pack of 3 shakes, 250ml each. With sweetener. High in calcium. Chocolate or Vanilla. Sugar free. 0.7g net carbs per serving. Low fat. Great for dieters and diabetics. Convenient for use anywhere. In new packaging and screw-top cartons.

INGREDIENTS of vanilla flavour (chocolate similar, with cocoa powder): Purified water, Milk proteins, Cream, Chicory fructo-oligosaccharides (inulin), Thickeners (microcrystalline cellulose, sodium methylcellulose, carrageen), Stabilisers (sodium phosphate, sodium citrate), Flavour, Salt, Emulsifer (mono and diglycerides esters from vegetable oil), Colour (beta-carotene), Sweeteners (sucralose, potassium acesulfam).

ALLERGENS: Contain milk. Manufactured on equipment that processes soy.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 250ml carton: 95 kCal, Fat 3g of which saturates 2g, Carbohydrate 1.5g of which sugars 0.8g, Fibre 0.9g, Protein 15g, Salt 0.75g.

Total Price: 4.25


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