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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

Avidlite NutriCosmetics Fat and Sugar Control Sticks CLEARANCE Best Before 31 May 2019

Avidlite NutriCosmetics Fat and Sugar Control Sticks CLEARANCE Best Before 31 May 2019

Ref: AN004

In stock

Avidlite NutriCosmetics Fat and Sugar Control sticks. Box of 14 x 6g sachets. Top quality convenient sachets of lemon-tasting fizzy powder to melt on the tongue. To reduce fat assimilation and regulate sugar.

Use one or two a day after a meal. Do not exceed two a day. CLEARANCE OFFER: best before (not expiry) 31 May 2019. Normally 9.95. Now only 5.95.

The Fat & Sugar Control stick is a perfect food supplement to:

REDUCE FAT ABSORPTION: thanks to the cactus fruit leaf extract NeOpuntia, rich in fibres which bind fat when reaching the stomach and promote its natural elimination.

REDUCE SUGAR ABSORPTION: The white kidney bean extract can partially inhibit the amylase activity which decreases starch digestion and absorption and calorie intake.

REDUCE GLUCOSE ASSIMILATION: thanks to a specific polyphenol extract from apple - phlorizin.

REGULATE LIPID AND GLYCAEMIC PROFILES: through the action of cinnamon on insulin sensitivity.

The carrier is made of xylitol which is known for its non-cariogenic properties and its ability to reduce the dental plaque.

INGREDIENTS: Xylitol, Powdered cactus leaf, Pea bean grain dry extract, Acidifying agent (citric acid), Natural flavour, Acitiy regulator (sodium bicarbonate), Powdered cinnamon bark, Apple dry extract, Medium chain triglyerides, Colour agent (curcumin).

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 6g stick: 16kCal, Protein 0.1g, Carbohydrates 4.7g of which polyols (xylitol) 3.1g, Fat 0.1g of which saturates a trace, Fibre 0.8g.

Not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women.

Price: 5.95

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