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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

AvidHiPro Milk Chocolate Drink Mix x 7 CLEARANCE Best Before 31 May 2020

AvidHiPro Milk Chocolate Drink Mix x 7 CLEARANCE Best Before 31 May 2020

Ref: AHD001

In stock

AvidHiPro milk chocolate flavour drink mix - add water and heat in microwave for 1 minute. Box of 7 sachets, each 25g. High protein, low carbohydrate, reduced calorie and no added sugar. Added vitamins and minerals. Could be used as a meal replacement if mixing with skimmed milk and using 2 sachets per meal (see details at bottom of this page). Suitable for weight loss dieters and diabetics. Net carbs 3.8g per sachet. CLEARANCE OFFER: best before (not use by) 31 May 2020. Normally 8.45. Now only 6.95 a box of 7.

INGREDIENTS: Milk proteins (emulsifier: sunflower lecithin), powdered skimmed milk (22.5%), powdered low-fat cocoa (10%), salt, flavour, sweetener: aspartame, anti-caking agents: magnesium carbonate and silicon dioxide, vitamins (C, B3, E, B5, B6, B2, B1, A, B9, B8, B12), L-methionine, maltodextrin.

Sweetened with aspartame (contains a source of phenylalanine).

ALLERGENS: contains milk.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 25g serving: 91kCal, Protein 17g, Carbohydrates 3.8g of which sugars 3.1g, Fat 0.8g of which saturates 0.5g, mono-unsaturates 0.23g, polyunsaturates 0.025g and cholesterol 3.25mg, Fibre 0.7g, Sodium 0.144g, Potassium 264mg, Calcium 255mg, Phosphorus 164mg, Magnesium 45mg, Vitamins A, C E, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B8, V9 and B12.

MEAL REPLACEMENTS: for a product to be described as a meal replacement, it has to contain at least 200 kCal (calories) per meal. For this product to comply you should mix with skimmed milk and use 2 sachets, or use two different products per meal, for example this drink mix for dessert and an omelette mix for main course, to make it contain sufficient calories.

Price: 6.95

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