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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

AvidHiPro Garden Vegetable Soup 375g Tub

AvidHiPro Garden Vegetable Soup 375g Tub

Ref: AHU014

In stock

AvidHipro Garden Vegetable Soup mix for use as part of a low calorie diet plan, for weight control. High protein, reduced carbohydrates (2.5g per serving), no added sugar, reduced fat with added minerals. Each tub contains 375g of dry mix for 15 servings of 25g each.

INGREDIENTS: Milk proteins (emulsifier: lecithins), soya proteins (emulsifier: lecithins ), flavourings (contains: celery), salt, dehydrated vegetables (onion, leek, cabbage, celery) (4.2%), carrot extract, spices and herbs (garlic, parsley, turmeric), thickener: xanthan gum, anticaking agent: magnesium carbonate, colour: curcumin.

ALLERGENS: Contains milk, soya, celery.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 100g powder : 357 kCal (calories), 1512 kJoules, Fat 4.2g of which saturates 1.8g, Carbohydrates 10g of which sugars 5.3g, Fibre 1.4g, Protein 69g, Salt 7.2g.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 25g of powder mixed with water : 89 kCal (calories), 378 kJoules, Fat 1.1g of which saturates 0.5g, Carbohydrates 2.5g of which sugars 1.3g, Fibre 0.4g, Protein 17g, Salt 1.8g.

MINERALS per 100g powder : Sodium 2893mg, Potassium 417mg, Calcium 256mg, Phosphorus 502mg, Magnesium 217mg.

MINERALS per 25g powder mixed with water with percentage RDA given in brackets for each: Sodium 723mg, Potassium 104mg (5), Calcium 64mg (8), Phosphorus 126mg (18), Magnesium 54mg (14).

MIXING INSTRUCTIONS: Add 25 grams of powder to 200 ml of water and stir until completely mixed. Microwave for one minute.

Price: 15.95

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