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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

AvidHiPro Chocolate Chip Bun Mix Box of 7

AvidHiPro Chocolate Chip Bun Mix Box of 7

Ref: AHB009

In stock

AvidHiPro Chocolate Chip Brioche Bun Mix, Box of 7 sachets/servings. High protein, low carbohydrate, reduced calorie, high fibre, no added sugars, low sugars (naturally occurring), added vitamins and minerals. Suitable for dieters and diabetics.

INGREDIENTS: Powdered egg white and yolk, Milk proteins (emulsifier sunflower and soy lecithin), Wheat flour, Wheat gluten, Wheat fibres, Chocolate flakes (saccharose, cocoa mass and butter, emulsifier soy lecithin, glazing agent E904, natural vanilla flavourings) (5%), Polydextrose, Raising agents sodium diphosphate and sodium bicarbonate (contains wheat), Flavourings, Thickener xanthan gum, Salt, Stabiliser sodium triphosphate, Vitamins (C, B3, E, B5, B6, B2, B1, A, B9, B8, B12), Maltodextrin, Colours caramel E150c and beta-carotene, Sweeteners: sucralose and potassium acesulphame.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 32g sachet/serving of one bun: 123 kCal (calories), Fat 3.8g of which saturates 1.3g, Carbohydrates 4.8g of which sugars 1.2g, Fibre 4.2g, Protein 15g, Salt 0.6g, Potassium 94mg, Calcium 165mg, Phosphorus 246mg, Magnesium 9.7mg.

ALLERGENS: Contains egg, milk, wheat, gluten, soy.

Mix powder with water, knead to form ball, bake.

Price: 7.25

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