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Serving dieters and diabetics since 2003

AvidHiPro 5:2 FAST Diet Strawberry Milkshake Box of 4

AvidHiPro 5:2 FAST Diet Strawberry Milkshake Box of 4

Ref: AHFH03

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For an explanation of the AvidHiPro 5:2 FAST Diet please click HERE or see Information.

AvidHiPro 5:2 FAST Diet Strawberry Milkshake, box of 4 35g sachets/servings. High protein, reduced carb, high fibre, reduced calorie, added vitamins and minerals. Suitable for low carb dieters, high protein dieters, low glycemic dieters, other dieters and diabetics, and for people after gastric surgery in consultation with their doctor.

INGREDIENTS: Protein blend (skim milk, milk protein), Fructose, Vegetable fat preparation (refined palm oil and refined soybean oil, glucose syrup, milk protein, stabiliser (pentasodium triphosphate), anti-caking agent (silicon dioxide), flavour), Fructose, Oligofructose (chicory root extract), Flavours, Acidity regulators (sodium citrate, potassium chloride, magnesium oxide), , Dehydrates strawberry 1.85%, Stabiliser (magnium phosphate), Vitamin and mineral mix (Vitamin A as acetate, cholecalciferol, tocopherol acetate, ascorbic acid, thiamin hydrochloride, riboflavin, niacinamide, calcium pantothenate, pyrodoxine hydrochloride, biotin, folic acid, cyanocobalamin, ferric pyrophosphate, zinc oxide, potassium iodide, sodium selenite, manganese sulphate, copper gluconate), Thickeners (carrageenan, guar gum), Emulsifier soy lecithin, Colours (beet juice powder and turmeric extract), Sweetener (aspartame (contains phenylalanine), Anti-caking agent silicon dioxide.

ALLERGENS: contains gluten, milk and soy. Manufactured on equipment that processes celery, sulphites and eggs.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 1 sachet (35g) serving, when mixed with water: 131 kCal, Protein 12.5g, Carbohydrates 12.5g of which sugars 10.8g and starch 1.7g, Fat 3.09g of which saturates 0.8g, mono-unsaturates 0.6g, poly-unsaturates 1.4g, Fibre 2.6g, Salt 0.63g, Potassium 500mg, Calcium 260mg, Phosphorus 268mg, Magnesium 97.2mg.

NUTRITION INFORMATION per 1 sachet (35g) serving, when mixed with 250ml skimmed milk: 216 kCal, Protein 20.5g, Carbohydrates 25.4g of which sugars 23.7g and starch 1.7g, Fat 3.2g of which saturates 0.9g, mono-unsaturates 0.65g, poly-unsaturates 1.41g, Fibre 2.6g, Salt 0.93g, Potassium 897mg, Calcium 547mg, Phosphorus 530mg, Magnesium 126mg.

Mix with skimmed milk, or cold liquid of choice.

Net carbs The main sweeteners (fructose and oligofructose) are lower glycemic than common sugar (sucrose). Fructose is the sugar naturally found in fruit and oligofructose in plants, and is also a natural aid to digestion.

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